Hi, I’m Paul Martin.

I have an absolute passion for the way in which we communicate. In fact, it is my belief that as humans, our sophisticated ability to communicate defines us as the dominant species on the planet. And amongst us, it seems that the strongest communicators always seem to rise to the top of the pile. You will have heard me say that if you’ve ever attended one of my talks!

What I do is inspire, motivate and guide people to become the best communicators they can be. Whether it’s for business; in sales, customer service, leadership, internal relationships, service providers, presenting, public speaking, or your personal life, I teach you how, and provide the skills and motivation, to release your full communication potential. In doing so, I help to transform lives.

So, what makes me so good at doing this? In truth it’s a combination of things! Firstly, I’m a great communicator myself, (just being honest here). I have many years experience of both keynote speaking and performing on the corporate entertainment circuit, and as a result my greatest strength is connecting with my audiences. In addition, I am qualified in British Sign Language to level 3, a subject I have also taught. This gives me a truly expansive perspective on non-verbal communication. It also informs my unique approach to the subject of becoming a great communicator. Added to this, my early career as an award-winning, world-record-holding cocktail mixologist means that I have great experience of working at the ‘cliff face’ in some of the highest-pressure environments and where an ability to connect and build rapport with people is critical to delivering success. These combined skills and experiences enable me to deliver highly motivating, profoundly impactful, inspiring talks and workshops that have powerful results for my attendees.

I’ve been helping people unlock their inner communicator for more than 30 years now. In that time I have helped some of the biggest companies in both the UK and around the world to transform their productivity, increase job satisfaction, develop individual confidence, heighten customer satisfaction, build more profound relationships and increase profits, all by enhancing their individual capacities to communicate more effectively. This is why I explain what I do as helping people to EVOLVE.

If you want your business, your staff, your relationships or yourself to EVOLVE too, drop me a line and start your journey to a better place. In the mean time, check out my pages Become The Best You and Release Your Potential where you can find out how to become the world-class communicator that’s locked inside of you.

I look forward to hearing from you,